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Web 2.0 in just under five minutes

Watch this, by mwesch. Excellent!

Thanks to Michael for the link.

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My role

I've been very busy lately redefining myself, in terms of what I want to do as a self-employed person. After my graduation I knew I wanted to continue in the social software business, making sense of its impact on working routines and learning strategies. Unfortunately, up until now, people in The Netherlands are still very slow in adopting new software and new learning strategies. So unable to find a job the only route for me was to own my own job, which has its pros and cons.

It took me over a year to figure out to some extend what my added value can be for people. Although the search will continue, for now my focus will be on the individual. A lot of people are continuously struggling with everything going on on-line. People don't know where to start their search. For instance Ton told me the story of a participant in one of his workshops who knew about wiki's, but a search on the internet gave so many different wiki's that she didn't know which one to use and therefore didn't try one at all (the paradox of choice).

Apparently we have reached a point of abundance for newcomers to social software. These people need guidance in what tool (or better which combination of tools) could suit them, based upon their communicative goals rather than technical specifications. Be it this wiki, or that blogging platform. Most important, they need help with formulating the right questions about their needs so they can choose themselves.

Guiding people in the landscape of social software, helping them choose, help them ask the right questions and learning them how to cope with the ever changing landscape themselves is the role I see for myself.

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This suits me ;-)

Me and Apple

Too bad it's not mine.

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Masterclass Social Software

Last Wednesday I was present at a Master class social software organised by the Digitale Universiteit. I've written a larger post about the event at my Dutch blog. I will write something about this master class in English soon, but for now I only have the energy to point to the Dutch piece. So if you're able to read Dutch, please head over to Skallagrigg. If your Dutch is not that good I can only ask you to be patient until my eye infection has gone and I can look at the screen for a longer period of time.

P.S.: Never mentioned in the literature, but having healthy eyes is definitely a prerequisite for blogging ;-)

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Me and my Fuji

Me and my Fuji s9500
I've got it, I've got it, I've got it!

I'm jumping up and down all afternoon. A friendly guy sent me a package yesterday and then another guy delivered the package at my place today. Sinterklaas has come earlier to me than I expected this year (Too bad the second guy would only hand me over the package after I gave him some (considerable amount of) money that he in turn has to hand over to the first guy.)


It's the Fuji S9500 (or 9000 in other parts of the world). Man, what a machine! I've been playing with it all afternoon and boy, do I need to learn how to tame this beast. So now you know what I'll be doing the next few days. (If only the sun would show it's face this weekend ;-) )

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